Sponsors and Volunteers 2017

The People and Companies Who Sponsor the Music Festival

We hope you will support them in turn.


Universal Music Hall of Fame (Galiano Style)


  • Special thanks to Ron Taylor: we couldn’t do it without you.


  • Galiano Trading Company

    (250) 539-5529



“Band” Members






  • Salish Sea Bed & Breakfast

             salishbb@shaw.ca  250 539 3361



  • Heiko Decosa



  • “The Encores”, Maureen and Richard; Marty Frost; Bonnie MacGillivray; Kate Emmings; Annon; Dianne Cragg; Anne Hennesy;



The Organizers:

Paper work, Website and Facebook: Arnie Bell.
General Enthusiast and Promotion: Johanna New Moon
Stage and Fund Raising: Dirk Ouellette 
Music Wranglers: Lorelei Keys & Jenny Breukelman  
Electronic Wizard: Jenny Breukelman & Thijs Vermeulen
Grounds and Lions liaison: Barry New

The Necessary Helpers

Logo and T-shrit Art Work: Annette Shaw.
Digital Manipulation: Jenny Breukelman.
More Digital Wizardry, Posters: Josli Rockafella.
T-shirts Printing: Josli Rockafella, Johanna New Moon.
Info Booth: Nonie and David Williams, Lorie Howden, Sheila Anderson, Huguette Benger, Leslie Wagman, Cedar Bowers, Linda Ruedrich
Stage building: Dirk, Arnie, Ralph New, Barry New, John New
Tech take down: Jenny, Heiko Decosa, Doug Thistle Walker, Dave Gaylor, Orion Finnie, Arnie, Dirk
Stage tear down: Dirk, Arnie, Mike Christie, Claude Latour
Beer tixs: Linda Ruedrich, Andy Turner, Christian Nalley,
Bartender: Mark Bamforth