Schedule and Performers 2017



Jenny Brooklin

Bluesy soulful indie is the best description of Jenny Brooklin’s music. She is heavily influenced by classic rock, folk and blues icons – such as Bonnie Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Fats Waller.





Eclectic folk jazz blues rock band. Exiled to the garage from the first day of practice.

Dirk Ouellette – Lounge blues jazz vocals that will rip out your heart. Don’t get anywhere near him; he vibrates with a dangerous metaphysical frequency. We give him a bass every once in a while to ground him.

Shelley Okepnak – Drummings from the punk past. Wicked sticks. Inscrutable. As Zen as you can get and still smack hard objects together.

Rorry Dunbar – The band’s resident gear master who admits to having grown up by feeding on AM radio broadcast waves in the 70s and 80s. Guitars and vocals. Has the keys to the garage.

Arnie Bell – visual artist – he had a pretty bass so we let him join the band after he promised to behave.

Linda Ruedrich – Guest artist, belts it out.

Lindsay Hoopster

Lindsay will be hooping in the field throughout the day. And in the evening her  LED hoops come into play. Hooping with attitude and style! Lindsay will bring a boatload of hoops to share with us all the way from Pender Island.





Lorelei Keys

Lorelei Keys’ musical resume includes professional keyboardist on the R&B circuit in New York, member of a popular post-punk-psychedelic band in Nelson, BC and founder of the world’s first 12-Step group for accordion addicts, Accordions Anonymous in Eugene, Oregon where she also acquired the title “Queen Accordionna”. On Galiano Island she continues to perform on piano and accordion and to provide musical direction for various musical and theatrical projects.


Lost Souls

AKA “Good Company”, they have been a staple for the annual Lion’s Fiesta for the past few years.

……Phil Buller
……Bobby Wolf
……Thijs Vermeulen


Jimena De Miguel:

The music Jimena  plays travels through many moods. She loves lyrics and the effectiveness they have to express a moment, feeling, idea. She has been playing the guitar for three years and it has proven to be as addictive to her as music itself.




Christian Nally

A guitar and banjo were kicking around the house when I was growing up. So was some vinyl for Pet Sounds, Rumours, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, BMOC, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, ABBA’s Greatest Hits. You get the idea.
My first ever date with a girl was going out to U2’s Movie “Rattle and Hum”.
I play some of those things, with a smattering of pop from later decades. Oh… I like it when I can hit a groove singing. Playing guitar is just something for my hands to do while I’m dancing around my living room during my alone time.

Nic L Bob

Long time west coast Tunester, strumming and singing a melange of miscellaneous melodies, cover songs and originals.


Pages from the Oak Tree

Starting as street performers in Victoria, Pages from the Oak Tree are something between Louisiana Blues and Eastern European old time. Bringing a Baltic twist to a warm folk sound and covering it in a heavy dose of foot stomping rhythm and heart warming harmonies. These three folks blend six instruments into a macabre sing-a-long and pour it over a waltzing old-time mosh pit.
Pete –
Hazell –
Adrian – bass
Danny –  violin


Queen Accordionna

Queen Accordionna, Supreme Sovereign of Squeeze and founder of the world’s first and only (so far) 12-step group for Accordion Addicts, will provide cheezy music to toss boots by. QA is pleased to add another bizarre and unusual sporting event to her resume that includes Kinetic Sculpture Racing, Polka Bowling Night! and Galiano’s own World Famous Zucchini Race. She will be assisted by Genny Stirling on vocals and beatbox.


Liam Sebelius:

Liam Sebelius

Local singer songwriter who focuses on a variety of genres and moods. Using a looping pedal and a variety of instruments to search for a balance in musical themes.
“Honestly it’s a tough thing for me to label my own musical style. I tend to just write what feels good at the time.



Genny Stirling


Beatboxer Extraordinaire and occasional Diva






The SubTrades:

A local Galiano band of tradespeople playing contemporary original blues/rock .
Greg Gammon – singer, songwriter, electric guitar.
Nikki Spooner – accordion, keyboard, vocals.
Cliff Miller – bass, vocals.
Frank Moyle – drums, harmonica, vocals.



Wild Fiyah 

An extreme Wild Fiyah warning is in effect for the Island of Galiano. Expect hot reggae vibes and sweet soul songs from Douglas Thistle Walker and Heiko Decosas with Dave Gaylor and Orion Finnie stoking the rydem. This Wild Fiyah only burns illusions.


David Gaylor – drums
Heiko Decosas – guitar, bass, vocals
Orion Finney -percussion, vocals
Doug Thistle Walker – bass, guitar, vocal