Schedule and Performers 2018

Stay tuned for an actual schedule of performance times ___________________________________________________________________

Rock ‘n Roll, Punk, Folk, and the Blues had a love child, and this wondrous creation found a home in The Asthmatics. Musically, we all stand on someone’s shoulders, so expect stylings from Neil and Janis, Ray Lamontagne, White Stripes to the Turtles. We’re so happy together, and after listening to The Asthmatics, you will be too.



Influenced by the jazz and roots music of Montreal and steeped in blues and bluegrass, Brahmi pairs a tender vocal style with simple ukulele accompaniment.



Bluesy soulful indie is the best description of Jenny
Brooklin’s music. She is heavily influenced by classic
rock, folk and blues icons – such as Bonnie Raitt,
Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Fats Waller.


C&E (Cody & Ethan)

Two fourteen year old young men on their way to guitar-hero
fame and glory !


Born and raised in Romania, Alex started his early artistic endevours playing classical cello and studying composition. Under his own name, Alex has composed and performed in dozens of interdisciplinary theatre and film projects.



Eclectic jazz blues rock country band. Exiled to the garage from the first day of practice. Dirk Ouellette – Lounge blues jazz vocals on a dangerous metaphysical frequency. Shelley Okepnak – Wicked sticks. As Zen as you can get smacking hard objects together. Rorry Dunbar –  grew up feeding on AM radio broadcast in the 70s and 80s. Guitars and vocals. Has the keys to the garage. Jackie Bowers – vocals from  a far different country. Brook Bilney – leading a wicked path through the cracks in the dhamma where the light shines in. Arnie Bell – had a pretty blue bass so we let him join the band if he promised to behave.


Original tunes sung and played on dulcimer, accordion and guitar.


Scott has always loved singing and playing music since he was a young man. In the late 90s he toured Canada with his Ska Band, The Malchiks, later played with punk and rock bands, an elaborate experimental hip hop performance group, folk music, IDM and has returned to ska with his current band Brehdren. Scott reunites with his favorite Gulf Island to sing and play a special solo performance of originals and cover songs on an array of instruments including ukulele, clarinet and more.



Complex times call for simple music. Christian brings a mix of originals and covers, with recent and nostalgic influences. He is part of a new wave of inter-island Gulf Islands music scenesters who are using little boats to bring big heart to our archipelago. Looking to perform or partake at a little island venue? Hit him up for a slow boatride there and back. It’ll be about the journies as much as it is about the destinations.



A Galiano grown dance band. Congas, beatbox, kit drums, accordion, keyboard, guitar/bass and soulful vocals that will make you shake your booty, mates!



A fiddler and a horn player walked into a bar …



local singer songwriter who focuses on a variety of
genres and moods. Using a looping pedal and a
variety of instruments to search for a balance in
musical themes “I tend to just write what feels good at
the time.



Introducing a young up and coming vocalist and beatboxer, Wyn Stirling, accompanied by beatboxer Genny Stirling.



a local Galiano rock band,who have been jamming recreationally for 5 years. Founding member Greg Gammon (guitar and vocals) writes all of the band’s tunes. The rest of the Subtrades are Nikki Spooner (accordion, keyboard, vocals), Cliff Miller (bass, vocals) and Frank Moyle (drums, harmonica, vocals, crowd noises and fun). We believe if you’re not making mistakes your not trying hard enough. We have an original sound of local original music – CD’s available.



AKA “Good Company”, they have been a staple for the
annual Lion’s Fiesta (from which this festival springs),
for the past few years.



Like being time warped to a 70’s high school dance
Wind-Up Birds brings the smooth tunes and laid back
grooves. Mixing funk, jazz pop and indie rock WUB
guarantees 100% groove for your listening pleasure