More Local Music. Nostalgic Voices

I’m starting to think that Galiano has a year long Music Festival going on – albeit intermittently. There is the long standing Galiano Concert series; many events are held at the South and North Halls, at the Rod and Gun Club; and many events are held at private houses and businesses. Not least will be the (we hope) Second Annual Galiano Music Festival.

This page is primarily about the Galiano Music Festival, and as such its focus is local music. By local, I mean music made on Galiano firstly by musicians with close connections to Galiano and then musicians with close connections to the other Southern Gulf Islands.

At the First Annual Galiano Music Festival I claimed that we all needed to develop a local listening consciousness. You know, Think Global Act Local, which gave rise to the Eat Local, Buy Local movement. Well it’s time to add the Listen Local movement. Sure the Rolling Stones made lots of  great songs, but they have enough money now. It’s time to support our local musicians. Listen local. Put the Nostalgic Voices concert on your calendar. All local musicians.

September 8 & 9, 7 PM at the South Community Hall. Tixs at Galiano Island Books.


If anyone out there has a musical event coming up, with music played by Galiano island or Gulf Island musicians, let me know through the contact page and I’ll post it here. And on Face Book.


Listen Local. The First is A Memory. Next up 2.

On behalf of all us us who rather impulsively desided to go for it (not knowing at all what it would mean) I’d like to thank all the people who made the 1st annual Galiano Music Festival  possible. We know there were previous Music Festivals, and without them to forge the path there wouldn’t have been this one. But this is the one that becomes annual. (Famous last words. But intensions count.) You can see the list of sponsors and volunteers who made the music happen here Sponsors and Volunteers. Without them we would have been a plane without wings. With their support, we flew.

Thanks also goes out to all those who braved the smoke and the heat to form the most necessary, enthusiastic audience. And last but not least, we want  to thank the musicians themselves without whom the whole exercise would have been pointless. With them we rocked.

We have learned a lot about the process of getting together to make music in a festival setting. Sure, mistakes were made, and a few tempers were tested. But over all, the day was amazing. I can say that for everything that seemed to go wrong someone immediatly stepped up out of the blue and said, “Hey I can fix that.” But then, that is the magic of Galiano. Mostly people danced and sang along and a few beers were imbibed. What more can we ask for other than to do it again and again.

I hope you heard some musician  you hadn’t heard play before and were suitably impressed. And as I trust you were, I recommend that you stayed tuned to this website because there will be more and better things on the way.


count down

Sixteen Days until the Music Festival, and the Fiesta, and we still do not have a picture for Garage195, unless we are to assume that the players are spirits that cannot be seen. But we do have this tantalizing glimps of the life of sound that envelopes this ellusive band.

We hope they are a little more present on the big day. See you on August 5th, 2017. Music starts at 11:30. Beer graden opens sometime around then. Throw a gumboot. Eat food. Bliss out. Don’t get sunburnt. Bring water. Sunscreen. All that stuff.


One of the main working ideas for The Galiano Music Fesitval was that we wanted to celebrate local talent (and local in this case meant the Gulf Islands). There are many personal and business connections between the islands, and there are many connections between artists.

Pages from the Oak Tree,

comes fresh from winning the Battle of the Bands, which was held a few weeks ago with bands representing many of the Gulf Islands. Pages is coming from Pender island to play for us on Aug. 5th.

Starting as street performers in Victoria, Pages from the Oak Tree are something between Louisiana Blues and Eastern European old time. Bringing a Baltic twist to a warm folk sound and covering it in a heavy dose of foot stomping rhythm and heart warming harmonies. These three folks blend six instruments into a macabre sing-a-long and pour it over a waltzing old-time mosh pit.

Don’t miss them. Scheduled times of performance will appear on the website the day before the event.


This Cat Rocks

A big day down at the Lions’ field on Saturday August 5, 2017. The Saturday Market starts at 10:00, with their great foods and crafts and their own musical entertainment. Then the Lion’s parade leads the crowds to the Fiesta at the Lions’ field. And at 11:30 AM the Galiano Music Festival begins and plays on into the night: A free concert for everyone. Folk, Classic, Blues, Jazz, Rock. We have eight bands lined up and many smaller groups waiting to perform. All the talent originates either on Galiano or the other Southern Gulf Islands. The complete line up will appear soon on the website. Check out he Performer page.

But like in all great bootstrappings, we need volunteers to help with stage building, technical security, greeters at the gate, and any number of other duties. If you always wanted to volunteer at a music festival/ fiesta now is your chance. See us in July at the Saturday Market and at Daystar for more information.Or use the Contact page.