Acoustic Jam

Galiano Acoustic Jam

Open to all ages and levels of acoustic musicians and singers; by donation to pay for the Hall



Circle Jam Etiquette

1. Acoustic instruments only – no amplifiers.

2. Tune your instrument before joining the circle.

3. Join the circle, set up music stand and music, get organized, be ready.

4. Each person in the circle takes a turn leading a song by going around the circle.

5. No noodling, no talking during announcements and when songs are played.

6. Each participant gets an opportunity to lead a song, one by one, as we go around the circle.

7. Participants can select a song and ask another musician to lead it on their behalf.

8. If it is a new song to the group, bring enough copies for each musician and singer.

9. When leading a song, announce your name, the song title, artist, key, breaks and any tips to assist others.

10. As Leader, you get to choose the key, tempo and dynamics (when to play loud or soft).

11. Let the leader lead their song – try to support how they want the song to be played.

12. Choose songs that others can pick up quickly and play and sing along with you.

13. If the song is new to you, listen for a while until you get the hang of it.

14. Be respectful, don’t play too loud.

15. When the song ends, show your appreciation to the leader for sharing a song with the group.