The History

The history of self reliance on Galiano Island (part of traditional Penelakut territory) goes back at least 10,000 years.  There is nothing like a ferry as the bottle neck in the main road to the great big world to make islanders look to each other for help, fun, and entertainment. A lot of things have been done for the island by islanders themselves. One of my favourite examples was the early electricity company that islanders formed to supply the south end with power. I think it was called the Galiano Power Company. Someone correct me, please. The shed where the diesel generator was kept is still there on Cain Road.
Later the community came together to build the school gym with volunteer labour. And when fund raising came into style we were blessed  with the Health clinic and the library. More recently a group of parents bootstrapped a wining campaign to build a new playground at the school.

More relevant to the Galiano Music Festival: In 1996, I think it was, Ken Hardy and a group of others built a large stage in the Lions’ field and held the first Galiano Music Festival. We’ve taken up that idea and we’re on our second year. It should be a blast. Local talent, and talent from Vancouver with an island connection. I can’t believe how many people connected with the island play such good music.