More Local Music. Nostalgic Voices

I’m starting to think that Galiano has a year long Music Festival going on – albeit intermittently. There is the long standing Galiano Concert series; many events are held at the South and North Halls, at the Rod and Gun Club; and many events are held at private houses and businesses. Not least will be the (we hope) Second Annual Galiano Music Festival.

This page is primarily about the Galiano Music Festival, and as such its focus is local music. By local, I mean music made on Galiano firstly by musicians with close connections to Galiano and then musicians with close connections to the other Southern Gulf Islands.

At the First Annual Galiano Music Festival I claimed that we all needed to develop a local listening consciousness. You know, Think Global Act Local, which gave rise to the Eat Local, Buy Local movement. Well it’s time to add the Listen Local movement. Sure the Rolling Stones made lots of  great songs, but they have enough money now. It’s time to support our local musicians. Listen local. Put the Nostalgic Voices concert on your calendar. All local musicians.

September 8 & 9, 7 PM at the South Community Hall. Tixs at Galiano Island Books.


If anyone out there has a musical event coming up, with music played by Galiano island or Gulf Island musicians, let me know through the contact page and I’ll post it here. And on Face Book.


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