Gearing up for the Second Annual Galiano Music Festival

August 4, 2018 in the Lions’ field from 11:00am until 11:00pm.

Ink it (or link it) into your calendar. Stay tuned for more information.


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This is It and what we need

The Galiano Festival Newsletter

Hi All,

The Galiano Festival Society (GFS) crew is getting ready to present the Second Annual Galiano Music Festival. It happens in tandem with the Lions’ Fiesta on Saturday August 4, 2018. The Lions’ parade starts in front of the garage at 10:00AM and reaches the Lions field at about 11:00AM. And then the music starts. This year we have a great mixture of home grown talent, talent just moved to the island, and talent that is connected to the island through family and friends. To see the complete line up check the website www.GalianoMusicFestival.ca Performers and Schedule 2018 page. The Schedule of times will be posted later.

And now the ask. If you would like to help in any way – we need beer servers, beer ticket sellers, information people at the front gate, and T-shirt sellers, all on the day. But we also need people who can help set up tents, and fencing in the week before the event. We also need carpenters to help build the stage starting on Sunday or Monday the week before the Festival.

Also if you want to help the GFS shepherd the Festival, the Acoustic Jam (to reconvene in September) and a few other events throughout the year, we would be really pleased if you considered joining the GFS as a board member. We need people to fill these roles in the society: fund raising coordinator, volunteer coordinator, and we need a few more people (two or three heads are better than one) in each of these areas – publicity, food, stage, security. More things might be listed as we note the need. You can volunteer at the website www.GalianoMusicFestival.ca contact page or phone Arnie at 2811.

The other really important ask is of course for money. Donations are really really appreciate, and we will shortly have new T-shirts for sale. See the Swag page on the website. There is a long list of expenses that we have to cover, sound equipment, technicians to run the sound, insurance (maybe), food for the musicians, ferry fares for the off island musicians, etc. etc. Note that the musicians are all donating their time. We hope in the future to raise enough money to pay them. The mantra here is that if you want a world of music, “Listen Local.”


Benefit Dance and Acoustic Jam

Less than two weeks until the Benefit dance for the Health Care Centre and the Galiano Music Festival. Boogie to Garage195 and Friends. Saturday April 14. Doors open 7:00PM. Music starts at 7:15. Until 11:00 ish. Finger food and Beer wine, cider, pop. South End Hall. By donation.

And less than three weeks until the First Acoustic Jam. See the ACOUSTIC JAM page on the top menu for an explanation of what an acoustic jam is. Everyone welcome to sing, play, and listen. South End Hall. Friday April 20th. Doors open at 6:30 for set up (bring your music stand and enough music for others to share). Music starts at 7:00PM until 9:00. By donation.

April 14 Dance with Garage195 and Friends

poster by Lindsay Williams

A benefit dance for the Health Care Clinic and Galiano Festival. At the South Community Hall. Doors open at 7:00. Write it up on your calendar.


And then the Galiano Festival group (we’re not yet a society), the people responsible for the coming Second Annual Galiano Musical Festival on August 4, 2018, will be sponsoring Acoustic Jams.

Second Annual, 2018

The idea of doing a second Galiano Music Festival is daunting and exciting. Last year the whole process was exhilarating. It took a few months of planning and a week of physical work (building the stage and setting up the tech). This all happened alongside the Lions setting up their Fiesta — on which we hitched a ride; and of course, we can’t forget all those musicians who donated their art for our enjoyment.

Our core group wants to make the Festival as permanent fixture on the island, and hopefully, to extend it, in some form, throughout the year. To do that we are going to have to form a society in order to raise funds both for the society and for other worthy causes — the Lions, the Health Care Society — and to pay musicians in the future. Garage195 is making a few noises about doing a fund-raising dance early this spring. We’ll see how that goes.

This year there are a few more tasks we have to do to make our festival a success. We need a cover/tent for the stage (beg borrow or buy). We cannot use the one we were loaned last year. We need some lighting so the musicians can play later into the evening. We also need volunteers: a bookkeeper, a secretary, a food coordinator, a musician coordinator, a volunteer coordinator, T-shirt salespeople, welcoming table info people, carpenters, etc etc. As these things go, volunteers are always needed. You can contact us through the FaceBook posts or from the website: galianomusicfestival.wordpress.com. Musicians who are interested in playing at the Festival can contact us the same way – although I have to stress that we may not be able to accommodate everyone who would like to play at the summer Festival this year, but we hope that throughout the year we will be able to hold many other concerts/dances in the island’s four (5?) public venues. And so, we would like to make a list of everyone who plays music on the island whether classical rock root jazz, fusion etc. Let us know you are there.

If you are interested in helping with all the diverse tasks that need doing, you would be welcomed for the inaugural meeting of Galiano Music Festival 2018 — at the meeting room in the library, on Saturday 27 th January, 4- 6 pm. If you can’t make it, let us know that you are out there.

The Festival will be on Saturday August 4th.

More Local Music. Nostalgic Voices

I’m starting to think that Galiano has a year long Music Festival going on – albeit intermittently. There is the long standing Galiano Concert series; many events are held at the South and North Halls, at the Rod and Gun Club; and many events are held at private houses and businesses. Not least will be the (we hope) Second Annual Galiano Music Festival.

This page is primarily about the Galiano Music Festival, and as such its focus is local music. By local, I mean music made on Galiano firstly by musicians with close connections to Galiano and then musicians with close connections to the other Southern Gulf Islands.

At the First Annual Galiano Music Festival I claimed that we all needed to develop a local listening consciousness. You know, Think Global Act Local, which gave rise to the Eat Local, Buy Local movement. Well it’s time to add the Listen Local movement. Sure the Rolling Stones made lots of  great songs, but they have enough money now. It’s time to support our local musicians. Listen local. Put the Nostalgic Voices concert on your calendar. All local musicians.

September 8 & 9, 7 PM at the South Community Hall. Tixs at Galiano Island Books.


If anyone out there has a musical event coming up, with music played by Galiano island or Gulf Island musicians, let me know through the contact page and I’ll post it here. And on Face Book.

Listen Local. The First is A Memory. Next up 2.

On behalf of all us us who rather impulsively desided to go for it (not knowing at all what it would mean) I’d like to thank all the people who made the 1st annual Galiano Music Festival  possible. We know there were previous Music Festivals, and without them to forge the path there wouldn’t have been this one. But this is the one that becomes annual. (Famous last words. But intensions count.) You can see the list of sponsors and volunteers who made the music happen here Sponsors and Volunteers. Without them we would have been a plane without wings. With their support, we flew.

Thanks also goes out to all those who braved the smoke and the heat to form the most necessary, enthusiastic audience. And last but not least, we want  to thank the musicians themselves without whom the whole exercise would have been pointless. With them we rocked.

We have learned a lot about the process of getting together to make music in a festival setting. Sure, mistakes were made, and a few tempers were tested. But over all, the day was amazing. I can say that for everything that seemed to go wrong someone immediatly stepped up out of the blue and said, “Hey I can fix that.” But then, that is the magic of Galiano. Mostly people danced and sang along and a few beers were imbibed. What more can we ask for other than to do it again and again.

I hope you heard some musician  you hadn’t heard play before and were suitably impressed. And as I trust you were, I recommend that you stayed tuned to this website because there will be more and better things on the way.